Freedom is a state of mind

“Freedom is a state of mind” – famous quote by Walter Mosley I placed in the sky of my photo “Pirin serenity”. Today is the first new moon for the year. It happens to be in the sign of Aquarius, which is associated with freedom of the mind, creative ideas and open-mindedness. I plan on drawing, … Continue reading Freedom is a state of mind

To Be -> To Do -> To Have

За български натисни тук.

– To be what?

– Whatever you like. Happy. Sad. Weak. Strong. Glad. Revengeful. Keen. Blind. Good. Bad. Man. Woman. Whatever you like. And I mean it. Whatever you like.

– Neale Donald Walsch



Many times in the past I’ve said to myself – “If I had ………. (some stuff) I would’ve been able to do the things I want”. In my case the stuff ranged from guitars, computers, all kinds of gadgets to bikes and what not. They would’ve made me musician, designer, artist amongst others. I still have my treats now (and I always will), but I realised, they are not necessary for me to be who I want to be. The only thing I need is to decide… and become.

Гмурни се за повече

Between two peaks /short allegory/

За български език натисни тук.

At the top I stand alone. The wind is carrying my thoughts south and east. Twisting and turning, mixing them with old ideas and scattering them like clouds until it leaves a clear sky.

With serene mind, through the clear air, I watch you from afar. I realize you on the opposite peak. Then I close my eyes and open my mind furthermore, seeing you clearly as if you’re standing beside me. Wind is tossing your hair and your mind, but you wouldn’t confess.

On The Top

You’re off for the tracks. At a slow rate, even step, aiming for the valley between the peaks. Gradually setting for a faster pace. You’re certain – though you never crossed this path, you descended on a lot of other lines. Follow the water and emotion. She always chose the least resistance. With the streams, you’ll go downhill and flow into the lake.

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On Spirit and the stereotypes (why YOU are good enough)

За български натисни тук.

I TRY to write regularly – every new and full moon at least. So today is a new moon and I think is a good time to release this post. Enjoy!

I feel it’s a good day (it’s actually night) for shredding some old beliefs. Today I thought a lot about the stereotypes in society and the idea that you are not good enough, you don’t do what you should, don’t look like you should or, to sum it up – you are not who you are expected to be.

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Философски въпрос… [oh! no! philosophy!]

Днес се замислих: А , дали липсата на опит не е, също, вид опит? Как мислиш ти, драги читателю? Дали съществува липса на опит изобщо? А дали съществува Липса? Оставете мислите си в коментарите долу :Р Recently I think: And, ain’t the lack of experience, yet another kind of experience? How do you, the reader, … Continue reading Философски въпрос… [oh! no! philosophy!]