Lucid moment

За български – на долу ↓

Today a young man realized, that annihilation doesn’t exist. Every form of decay is a continuation of the circle of life, creation, evolution, expansion. Fragmentation is just a mirror for the infinite essence of the one looking at it.

He realized, that from a wider perspective his own consciousness and the sprouting seed in the soil are one and the same. The, appearing deadly, dance of the galaxies is no different from the tango of the lovers.

He was amazed by the boundless space of his own mind, when he saw it as a star cluster.

He smiled, gasped, drew a tear, when he realized how he is in everything and everything is inside him.

In memory of Bill Hicks

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To Be -> To Do -> To Have

За български натисни тук.

– To be what?

– Whatever you like. Happy. Sad. Weak. Strong. Glad. Revengeful. Keen. Blind. Good. Bad. Man. Woman. Whatever you like. And I mean it. Whatever you like.

– Neale Donald Walsch



Many times in the past I’ve said to myself – “If I had ………. (some stuff) I would’ve been able to do the things I want”. In my case the stuff ranged from guitars, computers, all kinds of gadgets to bikes and what not. They would’ve made me musician, designer, artist amongst others. I still have my treats now (and I always will), but I realised, they are not necessary for me to be who I want to be. The only thing I need is to decide… and become.

Гмурни се за повече